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Bagel King Restaurant & Bakery has been in business in Orlando since 1977. There are many facets of our business. We have a 25,000 square foot warehouse that provides bagels, pastries, breads, and more to over 1000 hotels, restaurants, catering companies and even on Main Street at Disney! We have 5 Bagel King restaurants in the Central Florida area (Debary, Deltona, Casselberry, Winter Park and at the Jewish community center of greater Orlando). Our catering business is spectacular and has a huge following, plus an amazing reputation!

We are Mike and Tinamarie Schmit, owners of Bagel King Restaurant & Bakery. The Bagel King School Lunch Program is something we are very excited about. As proud parents of three wonderful girls it is our goal to provide a healthy option lunch for them. As you may well know many school lunch meals provided today are unbalanced and unhealthy. Our obesity rate among children has sky rocketed and we want to help in addressing this serious issue. It is Bagel King's goal to provide a healthy, fresh, all natural lunch that children enjoy. We supply an affordable and convenient lunch and take the extra pressure off our wonderful hardworking parents.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to Email Us. We will respond in a timely manner.

How It Works

  1. Choose your menu options
  2. Fill out your payment information
  3. Submit the online order form
  4. It's that simple!

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For Schools

Bagel King school lunch program would love to partner and encourage your school to take a holistic approach to your students' health and well being.

How It Works

Bagel King works with the parents individually, we field all phone calls immediately, we take payments and orders directly. At the end of the month we give each school a compilation of lunches ordered. We then issue a donation check to each school (a percentage of total lunch sales). *Park Maitland chooses to not collect any profit from its catered lunch program and, instead, has directed Bagel King to use any extra monies for biodegradable packaging and organic food items.

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